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About Us

Welcome to NSM Roadways

We NSM ROADWAYS, we are doing transportation business along with our 3 Own 20feet container vehicle and attached 50nos all types of vehicle.

We carry high value cargo like televisions, imported cargo, computers and export garments. We are experts in transporting fragile materials like headlights and delicate electronic items. We have a reputation for delivering life saving medicines ahead of schedule. Our motto is ‘quick delivery, safe delivery’.

Containers help is in delivering the goods safely to the customer without any shortage or damage to them. So we use containers for moving most of the goods except the ones, which demand an open truck.

We are based in Bangalore with our branches spread out to Chennai and Namakkal. Our staff members are cordial and well behaved to the level which meets the growing business needs and customer demands.

As a regular practice, all our trucks keep in touch with the office and provide updates with help of mobile. This helps to give the customer an accurate update about the position of the vehicle.

We are registered members of the Karnataka Goods Transporters Association Membership No. N-017